Container power plants

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Container power plants

The most significant activity area of Baltic Container LLC is manufacturing of container power plants. The company sells this aquipment at reasonable prices.

Construction in the form of container not only provides nesessary mechanical strength and rigidity of construction in the course of use and shipment, but also permits to set the temperature required for normal operation of the diesel engine, electric generator and servicing facilities. Inner covering of our container diesel power plants is made of metal sheets. Heat-insulating materials used between inner and outer coverings in conjunction with heavy conditioning system ensure normal operation of equipment within the temperature range of -40° to +55°C. Normal operation of the diesel generator in the container is provided by a number of constructional elements such as inlet and outlet louvers, exhaust coupling, embedded elements for attachment of DG sets and GR units. Cable power system is provided to apply loads to the construction. Moreover, in order to operate normally in the container the diesel generator set is equipped with alarm system, safety system, fire detecting and security alarm systems, as well as other necessary equipment.

Use of block-modules of different purposes not only increases equipment reliability in the whole, but also simplifies significantly its use and repair. The most important advantages of our power plants operating on the basis of diesel ICE are moderate cost of the supplied power, mobility and long term operation.

High stability of output electric characteristics is provided by use of diesel and generating equipment of leading manufacturers (FG Wilson, Vibropower, GE Jenbacher, Cummins, Caterpillar etc).

Baltic Container LLC carries out individual orders related to design and manufacturing of container diesel power plants, as well as offers a number of generic solutions on the basis of standard 10', 20', 30', 40' containers.

Our products are designed and manufactured in full accordance with the Electrical Installation Code and Construction Rules and Regulations, as well as state standards of the RF.