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Bulk Container



Bulk containers are manufactured with loading, unloading and observation holes.

Upon request, the container can be equipped with devices for pneumatic loading and unloading.

The loading holes in the roof are positioned so that the load is evenly distributed over the volume of the container. Containers may be equipped with slots for fork lift trucks, and ladders (if the height of the container is more than 1200 mm).

  • Maximum range of operating temperatures -50 to +70 °С
  • Maximum load on one stand for stacking 848 кН
  • Labyrinth type ventilating device
  • Flooring – flat or corrugated 4 mm thick steel sheet (multiply veneer)

The design of the container provides for its opacity and waterproofness.

Door: end door with perimeter rubber seal

Holes: three loading and one unloading with perimeter rubber seal

Technical supervision: executed by Maritime Register of Shipping

Meets the requirements of:

  • International ISO Standards
  • National Standards (GOST)
  • Regulations of Maritime Register of Shipping
  • International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC)
  • Customs Convention on Containers.

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