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Decanting centrifuge unit

The decanting centrifuge unit allows the recovery of drilling fluid,
which is returned to the active circulation system, while removing the smaller particles
of the light fraction of the solid phase.

Climatic modification -45С + 45С. The system is designed for processing drill cuttings with the content
of hydrocarbon-based drilling fluids, including diesel fuel, and is designed to work in close proximity
to the storage location of hydrocarbons, zone B-1g.


The system can be transported by sea, road and rail transport.

The maximum degree of factory readiness and the minimum time for putting the equipment into operation.

High reliability and productivity of equipment.

Demountable roof.
The possibility of installing a second tier or on a special stand.

  • External dimension LxWxH 4500x3000x2700 mm
  • Max. gross mass 8 000 kg
  • Design temperature -40 °C
  • Power 70 kW
  • Voltage 380В (50 Hz)/440В(60Hz)
  • Max. efficiency 45m3/h