Offshore Cargo Boxes and Baskets

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Offshore Cargo Boxes and Baskets

Designed and manufactured to RS/ EN 12079 standards

Offshore Cargo Boxes and Baskets are ideal for safe and secure transportation of drill pipes, casings and general cargo. A basket has no roof to ensure easy loading and unloading of cargo.

Baltic Container manufactures an extensive range of cargo baskets including 4, 8, 16, 28 and 35 ft baskets.

Offshore Cargo Open Walls Basket

Designed and manufactured to RS/ EN 12079 standards

This basket has a steel floor and a framed structure of side and end walls with no steel sheet cladding. Open top design allows easy loading/unloading and basket maintenance. The baskets are stackable for optimum storage (no more than 3 tiers). Every cargo carrying basket unit has a certified lifting set.

Чертеж offshore basket

Offshore Cargo Basket for transportation of drilling equipment

This cargo basket is available in a closed top design. It has a load protection cover for safe transportation in bad weather conditions. Lightweight lid can be made as an option. There are cross lodgements inside to stock drilling equipment in two tiers.

Rigging shackles and straps prevent cargo prom moving in a rolling sea. Every offshore cargo basket has a certified lifting set complete with slings.

Чертеж оффшорного контейнера для бурового оборудования

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