Offshore Mud Skips

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Offshore Mud Skips

Offshore Mud Skips

Baltic Container’s mud skips are used for safe and efficient containment of drill cuttings for transportation from offshore platforms

Product Details:

  • Designed and manufactured to RS, DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 standards.
  • Designed for easy filling and discharging of drilling waste. A sealed aluminum lid allows screw filling. A charging hole allows filling under pressure.
  • Lightweight lid (less than 25 kg) for safe and easy lifting, opening/closing. Oil and gasoline-resistant elastic sealant ensures its impermeability.
  • There are two connecting pipes on top (outside carving is 152 mm) and two quick-detachable sockets in the end walls (102 mm in diameter) to ensure vacuum loading.
  • There is a drainage hole in a side wall.
  • Stackable for optimum storage (3 tiers of loaded skips and 4 tiers of empty skips).
  • Easy handling for forklift (provided with fork-lift pockets).
  • Certified lifting set complete with slings, rings and staples.

Чертеж оффшорного шламового контейнера


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